Video: How to Play Wake Me Up by Avicii on Acoustic Guitar

Here’s a fun little number to learn. It’s called ‘Wake Me Up’ and it’s by Avicii. You’ve probably heard it before…

It’s got everything – picking, cool chords, and a technical little melody line.

Those of you who have been subscribed to my blog for a while will realize that I’ve covered this song before… (see here)

I did teach some parts of it 12 months ago… but this time I’m giving you a more nuanced version with much more detail… check it out and learn how to play Wake Me Up by Avicii…


  1. Chris Behrens

    Man, much better than the original. All of the douchey club-nonsense removed…

  2. J Carmona

    Hi Mark, great video, one thing is missing (unless I completely missed it) is the very first part. Do you think you could go over that? Thank you

      1. J Carmona

        Thanks Mark, I think you misunderstood me, I meant the first part that sound a bit like Spanish guitar (basically the first 15 seconds), loved the sound of that

        1. Mark McKenzie Post author

          Ah yes I did get that confused… that little bit was me just mucking around… maybe I should do a lesson on that style of playing?

  3. norman sabens

    great. a little advanced for me. great picking. good voice. enjoy the lessons. your accent is a little tuff but I can replay if needed. thanks again. In Idaho

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