Easy Picking Exercise

Advanced Guitar Picking Course
– with Mark McKenzie Part 2

“Easy Picking Exercise”

This picking exercise is based on the A Major scale. The aim of the exercise is to get you using a real scale and practicing your alternate picking.

Here’s the TAB for the exercise:






  1. Dan

    I Started to subscribe but my computer is to old to keep up.

    1. Mark McKenzie

      Is it your internet connection Dan? You could try putting the videos on Standard Definition (deselect the HD button on the video player) to see if that helps.

  2. Tom Copeland

    A great idea!! Doubling up each string and continuing with the alternate picking. I will do this as my warm up now every practice. Thanks

  3. Stephen king

    I’m sorry will keep trying but my stubby fingers don’t spread that far haha

  4. anthony

    Its always a pleasure to learn new exercises. Thanks.

  5. geoff

    Cool thanks, sum think different for me.
    Mutch appreciate

  6. Ryder Maria

    I am doing this exercise and i think it the best ever. Now i am trying to build up speed but i think my fingers are very clumsy!! Always hitting wrong notes and getting confused in the middle.. Will i ever be like others??? What can i do please!

    1. Mark McKenzie

      Keep working on it slowly. Over and over. That’s the programming part. You’ll be surprised how soon it becomes natural. And hang in there! It’s all worth it.

  7. Urbano

    Great warm up exercise to bad the pick slides from my hand when speeding up

  8. Jan Carper

    I have been trying to practice my picking but my fingers are short and when I press down on one string and then another the fingers overlap. Take for example the D. When I try to pick that chord I can’t get a sound out of the high E because my third finger overlaps the middle finger and therefore there is no tone on the high E note. I can’t stretch my fingers and the accoustic guitar I have is a narrow neck. So what do I do to correct this situation. I am getting frustrated. I want to learn the picking.

    1. Mark McKenzie

      Hi Jan, this is quite common actually. Most often it’s just because your fingers haven’t developed calluses yet. Because of that they are like a cushion. When you’re pushing down on the string that makes it really difficult to get a good clear sound out. As you keep practicing, you’ll harden those fingers up so getting clear notes out won’t be difficult. Also, if you think your fingers are much shorter than most, you can try lowering your thumb down the neck a little. But make sure you don’t lower it too far as you still need a good grip on the guitar neck to play your notes.

  9. Paul Lucas

    Alternate exercise is brill Mark.

  10. predrag

    It”s very good for exercise for beginner solo.Thanks

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