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We have decided to make radical improvements to our help and customer support. We`re looking to build an interactive community for you guys, and we’ve put a facebook page together for you… we want you guys to play a massive part in helping us redefine online learning in a way that is completely focused around¬† your playing, your music, your progress, and we want to give you a voice!

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Arpeggios, chords, scales, leads...all are one.

Arpeggios, chords, scales, leads…all are one.


  1. Tony

    Please help ?
    I Can not log in , no longer recognised.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Luis Tovar

      Hi Tony, have you tried the “lost your password?” here on this login page:
      If the “email not recognized” persists it is probably caused by not being registered in our NEW Jamorama website/database. So please email us to:, provide your old and new email address so we can trace your old account and simply upgrade it to the PRO level within the new system. Thanks!

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