Help us make Jamorama better.

The Jamorama team is totally dedicated to your guitar playing education. In fact it’s our purpose for being so we tend to take it rather seriously. We know we are not perfect so won’t get it right all the time. But we also know that with your help, we can become the best guitar lessons online.

To do this we need to listen; listen and find out if you are getting what you need from us; listen and learn what we need to change.

We’d like to ask your permission for one of our team members to give you a call. The call can be as long or as short as you like – we only have a few questions (8 to be precise) and there’s no silly 1-10 scales of measurement, just real people who genuinely want to give you the best guitar lessons in the world.

If you would be so kind to give us permission to give you a call please follow the link below and enter your phone number and a suggested time for us to call you.

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  1. Justin Andrews

    I can’t log into my jamorama account, it won’t let me. I know my username and password are correct. I’ve emailed them twice with no response.! Please help!!!!!!!!

    1. Jon Coursey

      Hi Justin, I see you paid for lifetime membership back in 2008 but weren’t added as a member to the new site. I’ve added you now and you should get an email with your log in details. Let me know if you didn’t receive it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. Mike

    Hi – I bought the program for a friend and of course the package arrived on my email addr/PC. I haven’t opened it as I don’t want it on my PC and friend can’t access the course. There seems to be no way of contacting Jamorama Central to resolve how I can ‘gift’ this package. In desparation – any suggestions out there? Rgds Mike

  3. Chris

    hey Jamorama guys, While I can’t make a call right now, I’ll add my 2 cents as to where jamorama can improve. I’m a deluxe subscriber btw. I’d like to see more lessons detailing different musical styles; blues, rock, jazz, country, etc…Also a breakdown between acoustic and electric playing techniques.

    Otherwise, the videos are good, and the new materials are better than ever.

  4. Kc_Aiken

    You guys should totally look into a free iPhone app for your system and members, and especially your games. Playing JaydeMusica anywhere anytime on my phone would be great!

  5. Leonard

    Okay, so this seems like the only way to reach someone since I was unable to find a contacts link anywhere.

    I’m using JaydeMusica which I received as part of the package from It is a wonder program and has definitely helped me learn to read notes a lot more easily than the other things I’ve tried. There’s just one little issue I’m having and I’m hoping you guys can help me. I have it installed and it works fine, but whenever I save a High Score and I save it, then close out of the program, it doesn’t actually save it! The next time I open JaydeMusica, the high scores have reset.

    Can you guys help me out with this or maybe point me in the right direction? I’ve tried changing permissions on the application, running it in compatibility mode with no success… Any help you guys can send my way would be greatly appreciated as I would love to use the High Score function to log my progress. Thanks again, and sorry if I posted in the wrong place!

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