Jam Vox

Are you sick of Eric, Jimmy and Joe getting in your way when it comes to your solos? Well, show them who’s boss with the JAMVOX an integrated monitor and software system that extracts the guitar from any MP3 and plugs you into the mix of their favorite bands.

JamVOX gives guitarists instant access to dozens of legendary amps and effects all in one easy to use “drag and drop” software interface. Revolutionary Guitar XTracktion (GXT) technology lets you remove the guitar part of your favorite song with the push of a button.

  1. 19 famous guitar amps and 54 effect units ranging from vintage to modern are provided as software.
  2. Easy-to-use “drag and drop” interface enables guitarists to create their “dream guitar rig” without any advanced knowledge of amps or effects. Sound famous fast!
  3. A music player feature with convenient functions for jam sessions or practice.
  4. Import music files to jam along with from your favorite CDs, music library or MP3 player.
  5. A dedicated USB monitor speaker is included, and there’s no need for complex wiring or specialized knowledge of computer music.
  6. Two guitar play-along CDs containing 28 famous rock classics.

You can loop the playback, use the Tempo Change function to slow down the playback speed without affecting the pitch, and you can even use these functions while using GXT to extract the guitar part, making it much easier to learn rapid phrases by ear, or to practice difficult phrases. The Pitch Change function lets you change the pitch without affecting the tempo of the song, allowing you to correct slight discrepancies in pitch between your guitar and the song, or to play along with songs that use a dropped tuning.

A full complement of effect processors is also included in the JamVOX Software. From a wide assortment of distortion-type effects, standard effects such as wah and compressor, and more unusual effects such as ring modulator and acoustic simulator, there is a total of 18 pedal-type effect units. There are also 12 modulation-type effects such as chorus, flanger, tremolo, filter, and rotary; 11 delay-type effects including some that model analog circuitry such as tape echoes, multi-head delays, and BBD as well as reverse; 12 reverb effects covering all types; giving you a total of 54 different high-quality effect units including noise reduction. By dragging and dropping them, you can freely connect up to six effects in any desired order: two pedal-type effects, one modulation, one delay, one reverb, and noise reduction.

Wow, that’s fresh! Head on over to JAMVOX to find out more!


Jake Edwards


  1. Mike E.

    I don’t need it !! A simple to use record on PC package … oh yea !! , that’s what I want.

  2. Zman

    I own a Jam Vox and while it does have the potential to be a great tool for practice, it does not live up to that potential. Support is very hard to come by and the website for the JamVox product did not work for me and I did not get any response from Vox on my inquiries. Latency was also an issue. Now it sits boxed up in the corner of a closet and I bought another interface, a Line 6/UX1 which does the job without the latency issue.

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