Perfect Waves – Amazing Guitar Song

Well things are humming here at Jamorama HQ as we get closer to the end of the year and New Zealand is warming up as we approach summer. Festivities really start to kick off around this time of year and all of a sudden it seams every weekend is full up with gigs, parties or BBQs.

While it still may be a bit cold to hit the surf, the idea of the beach is steadily growing more and more appealing for those of us coming out of  a pretty cold winter and the Stephen Shackinger track entitled Perfect Waves paints a picture for me of that exact feeling.

This is a fantastic piece of music. The Fender Stratocaster he plays provides a beautiful tone that is very reminiscent of that Dire Straits kind of guitar sound especially from about 4:17. He is using delay over the verse sections which create that echo you can hear. Also his backing track is laden with all sorts of nice embellishment’s and some duelling lines that seam to track the lead line or play up the octave.

His use of interesting licks woven in and around the main motif are very well crafted and while this man is clearly very proficient on the guitar he is also very disciplined with when, where and how he uses some of his more flashy techniques.

Check it out and let us know what you think:

Learn more about on his Google profile.


  1. Bill

    Nice…. Love it… feels so good to hear… make your want to play our guitar….. Winner!!!

  2. max

    WOW! Amazing stuff, very cool! So… long ’till I get that good! 😉

  3. Joe Sorge

    Thanks for sharing great music! It was really great to watch and listen. Perfect Waves is a great song.

    1. Dan Orr

      You’re not alone there @Joe. Perfect Waves is a very catchy number. Do check out his other music too.

  4. iWebResearch

    THAT was some awesome playing and a great melodious song! It did have a bit of the Dire Straight’s thing to happen there. I checked a couple other vids of him and he is Super talented! AWESOME JOB! 5 Stars!

  5. TopCat_Jimmy

    Nice Sound & Piece of work Stephen…..youre an Aritst & Youre Painting a portrait on the canvas of our minds….Thats what we can do with music……A Song regarding Everything. Respectfully.aDieu


    Just listened & watched your video,you sounded great, some real nice textures & tones, Building a nice sonic landscape.4what its worth i play guitar[just re-starting after15-20 years of being depressed & living in 1 Room 99%, i am fighting on & finding a reason to get up,a reason to live,a lust 4 life!, I’m experimenting & tryna find the spark that ignights my creativity. starting again is daunting,but i’ve got least 50 songs i wanna roughly sketch/Demo,explore etc.&im starting my own home project.”BUG-UGLY MUSIC HOME RECORDING PROJECTS”.(Will prob end up all 1word),And im gonna start a new garagepunkhideout page,youtube,f-book,myspace,Blog..etc & I Hope to get people intrested & wanna come & record at mine on some stuff ,get people involved much as poss. But 1st i gotta make these sites ,add info & music & pictures & videos 4 people to decide if they wanna get involved or not?.Well ive gone on 4-2-long.all my best ‘fuzz-feedback & wah-wah’ john chanter,carshalton,surrey.u.k.

  7. Max

    That’s amazing. I really like the style of this guy. He seems to play with all his heart, his soul, and all himself. I wish one day I could play like him. God Bless!!! Great job!!!

  8. Rashad

    I LOVED IT. Nice waves Steffen. That probaly took a lot of practice. I have a guitar but I’m not that good.



  10. Greg88

    Great guitarist and song.
    Check him out on another video: ‘ The Dixieland ‘ –
    playing with Jane Clark on violin.
    He’s very creative , like Eric Johnson.
    Eric has many great songs on YouTube as well.
    Cheers, G.

  11. calvin

    Can i have the tab of this song? It’s really inspirational. Thanks.

    1. Dan Orr

      Hey Calvin, glad you liked the song. You can pay for the tab from Candy Rat. Check out the links below.

  12. Mike

    Since I surf nearly everyday, love surf-oriented guitar music, and am learning guitar, I was drawn in to watch by the title of the song. Simply rad! Stephen is great and seems to really love playing. I thought of other players that make me think of surfing like Gary Hoey and Stanley Jordan. Now, time to hit the surf with that song in my head. 3-4 feet right now in So Cal (that’s almost big for us:D)

    1. Dan Orr

      Great stuff Mike. Awesome music can be such an inspiration. We’re glad you enjoyed this vid.

  13. Gavin

    Very nice playing, good feel!

    (that bassline sounds a lot like ‘Come Together’)

  14. NBRI

    Love this! I’m with Jack though. Anyone know where I can find a tab? Thanks!

  15. Curt Dailey

    This is just amazing. Pure Art! One of the best compositions I have ever had the opportunity to experience. Very relaxed and and passionate at the same time. Awwwsome Tone and Vibe as well. This is what is all about. Great presence Steffen.

  16. steve

    Hi,I really like this style of playing the guitar.Would it be possible for you guys at Jamorama to send us some update guitar lessons in this style of playing?.Thanks. Steve.

  17. Jack

    Great sound! Do you have the tab for this or music? I would love to learn it.

    1. Dan Orr

      Hi Jack. Can’t agree more. Steffen really has something good going on here. He does provide the MP3 and tab / music notation over on Candyrat

  18. Jayanth Kumar Ogirala

    Really Waves. Good Fingering Stefffen. Really a Melodious playing. Really I enjoyed a lot.
    Advance Greetings to Steffen Schackinger Happy December’25th’2010. Really Perfect Waves.
    Jayanth kumar ogirala, Hyderabad, I N D I A.

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