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Hi bloggers, it’s Mark McKenzie here. Thought it was about time I added my two cents in (exchange rate isn’t good at the mo).
This is titled “Why I like Songpond” for lack of a better title. But since the reasons are many and your time is precious, I will give out only one at a time for you to comment on or disagree with.

Just over a year ago I sat with the masterminds of the monster that is Rockstar Recipes. Over a Flat white, they painted thier vision of a thing called “Songpond”  a place where anyone could learn the songs THEY wanted to play from the comfort of thier home. You see I have been teaching Guitar now to ordinary people for over 20 years. But whenever the student would leave the nest and fend for themselves, they struggled. I would later bump into them on the street and they would look all embarassed because they’ve not learnt any new songs since the last lesson.

I’ve found that the easiest and most rewarding way for a musician to progress is to they want to play!. Otherwise they get bored and disillutioned. I’ve had countless guitar players tell me they almost quit because they didnt like the songs they had to learn.

So why Songpond?

You choose the songs you wanna learn!
Nothing revs you up like the possibility of you being able to strum along to your favourite song NOW! And you have no motivation issues when it comes to finding time for practise when it is a joy. You learn your favourite song, you are getting the strum and feel of the tune. Maybe there is a chord you’ve never played or a lick you thought would be too advanced but actually it’s not that hard. Most of all it’s the FEELING you get when you can hear it. You are doing it. No gimmicks or cheating, for that moment you are in the band..on stage …and loving it. That my friends is why we play music. That is why we spend our precious time watching the lesson over and over until that little section is sounding like something. Let’s get you playing like your favourite players.

Just one bite at a time!

Mark McKenzie


  1. pawan

    Hello sir; here’s Pawan from India. Your lessons helped me alot; my parents didn’t let me learn guitar; so i get that over by your online lessons; I want the guitar chords for DOWN by Jay Sean. Thank You !!

  2. سكس محارم

    sry i just know how to write my name in arabic :)) i dnot think that i understand .. i hate english itis very difcult . thanks

  3. Mark McKenzie

    Hey Mondo, thanks for your support mate! It would be great for everyone to see your example of how you CAN learn effectively this awesome way. Have you posted anymore of your playing on youtube? Welcome to the inner circle of the guitar student my friend.

  4. mondo

    Man thanks for your lessons!!!

    You’ve helped me learn – Hey Joe (my solos need tightening), Wonderful Tonight (love it, picking patten well useful), Under The Bridge (wish had longer stretch), Comfortably Numb (will love you for ever for this lesson), Wish You Were Here (and this one), Purple Haze (first lesson I ever bought, you commented on a YouTube on a vid to GF, only played for 1 month then), Whole Lotta Love (got the main stuff but solo stuff is insane!!), Hotel California (gotta love the barre chords but only after hating them for at least a million years), Sweet Child of Mine (everyone loves to hear that intro, so good. solo stuff. Well I can to 45% of it, working on rest), Nothing Else Matters (i need more time, hehe)

    Mark your lessons are top stuff. You almost throw guitar confidence through the screen at me and it sticks.

    Thanks dude. And to the dudes that film, edit and upload.

    And!! lol. Sorry if I’m waffling. Usually three parts to wind when posting. Yeah, AND! You inspired me to buy a Variax 300!!! Getting it next week. Yeah!

    Cheers dudes. 😀

    1. Jamorama Post author

      Thanks for your comments Mondo; we love feedback from our customers!

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