Announcing Fingerstyle Guitar with Mark McKenzie

Fingerstyle Guitar course launched!

fingerstyle guitar playing

As promised, the first chapter of Mark McKenzie’s Fingerstyle Guitar course has been launched in the courses section of the site.

We’ll be continuing to add more chapters to this course in the coming days. But, while we finish the final edits, we thought we’d open the first chapter up to the public to allow everyone a chance to try the new lessons and get starting with this exciting area of guitar.

Click here to visit the Fingerstyle Guitar course and start learning now.

Is fingerstyle guitar for you?

If you’ve never tried learning it, you might be thinking, “what is fingerstyle”?

Well, put simply, fingerstyle guitar is where we play individual strings with our fingers instead of using a guitar pick.

And there’s a fantastic advantage for doing this: it enables us to play our melodies and bass lines simultaneously. And this helps us to create a much richer sound than playing only single notes with a guitar pick.

So back to my original question. Is fingerstyle guitar for you?

The answer. Yes, fingerstyle is an essential part of being a guitar player. It’s guitar playing at its most natural. Just the guitarist and the guitar. It brings us closer to the action, and we get to really feel the strings on our fingertips.

It adds a whole new dynamic to your guitar playing and enables you to play richer, and more complex pieces of music.

Fingerstyle Guitar course intro video.

Click here to visit the Fingerstyle Guitar course and start learning now.

Happy guitar learning!


  1. Kathy Leake

    I could have sworn that there was a tutorial of Mark demonstrating how to play ‘Landslide’ and I can’t seem to find it anywhere?! Could you please help me with that? I appreciate it-thank you.
    Kathy Leake

  2. Peter Kimball


    1. Jon Coursey Post author

      Hi Peter, it seems to be working fine on my end. Is it one particular video that’s giving problems or all of them? What’s your internet speed and connection like? My initial guess would be internet connection/speed. Have you tried dropping the stream quality down by clicking the HD button on the video player? Doing this will get the video to adapt the quality of the stream to your internet speed – it’s especially good if you are trying to view the videos over a 3G network or the like.

  3. Peter Kimball

    I got it on creigs list for cheap money but its just 3 years old and a beautiful guitar!!!

  4. Peter Kimball

    I just bought a seagull s6 and at the 12th fret the strings are very high strings over 1/4 inch above the fret board. Should I play like that? And good height at the first fret.

    1. Mark McKenzie

      That guitar needs to be set-up correctly. Very easy for any shop to sort or send away and sort. A standard set-up service will set you back maybe $60. Totally worth it – makes playing your guitar a real pleasure.

  5. James Cenicola

    i completed the finger style, i would like to see more

    1. Jon Coursey Post author

      Hi James, that’s great! We will be adding to that course in the near future. How did you go with those lessons BTW?

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