English Space Rock


Back in the late seventies, prior to the arrival of PUNK ROCK, with its garland of spit, safety pins, anarchy, rebellion and anti-authoritarian posturing, Steve Hillage took the psychedelia of the late 60`s and infused it with the kind of prodcution techniques it really deserved.

Towards the end of the 70’s Hillage’s progressive guitar-rock and psychedelic fusion leanings helped build a reputation that became synonymous with spacey, ambient soundscapes and “excursions”.

1978’s Green, co-produced by Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason is an exemplary and  landmark recording in this respect that, with both power and sensitivity focuses upon a pantheistic ecological message

HIllages “hippie” music was eclipsed by the D.I.Y. madness of anarchy, punk rock and “dissent” at the end of the decade.

The Hillage sound remained immortalised in the consciousness of a whole new generation by the UK “Festival” band The Ozric Tentacles. Ten years after Hillage released “Green” the Ozrics pioneered a new wave of trippy, techno space rock into the 90`s acid scene updated with hard pounding beats, shifting time signatures, the use of eastern and exotic modes and instruments.

After the collapse of Thatcherite ethics in the 80`s the British music underground, fuelled by political unrest and  drug fuelled madness exploded across the media and across the country in revolutionary fervour.

Pedals never replace playing ability, groove, talent, technique, vision and expression but can really help having the brain of Hendrix sitting in a little box on the floor. At the end of the day its all in your hands and head.

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  1. Dave : Bass + Stat fizz

    I used the Dan electro Wah with those sub bass lines bro, Ibanez Soundgear model 405 (5 string) Maybe we should record some of those jams and put them up with a Flash player?

    Remember the best part about random jams are the facial expressions. Jason stop it has a really chewing the cud type face.

  2. Stratoblogster

    Thanks for stopping by Stratoblogster! Cool blog here, not too many people talkin’ about Steve Hillage! Some good stuff on Youtube. Yeah, I’m an old 9 to the Universe fan too!;))


    1. Jamorama Post author

      Jp we were digging your blog too. Stratoblogster is a fantastic compound. I`m glad you know what Im talking about when I mention Nine to the Universe, HIllage or maybe even the Ozric Tentacles. See you soon

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