Walk Off The Earth

One guitar, four men and one woman…

What can five people do with only one guitar? Can you and four more friends play like Walk Off the Earth do?

Walk Off The Earth is a band that has become famous over the past year thanks to Youtube and of course, their great renditions of popular songs. This time, I want to show you something that you probably have heard already… Gotye’s Somebody that I used to know performed by Walk off the earth.

A version where five people plays one guitar and make it sound like a full band where percussion, bass, lead guitar, rhythm guitar and even a harp becomes one.

This video besides being a good thing to watch, is also very inspiring, everything is possible!

Learn more about on his Google profile.


  1. William T Branch

    WOW!!! again another non-existent video. how about posting something new instead of just redoing something from 2 years ago without checking to make sure it still exists.

    1. Jon Coursey Post author

      Thanks for pointing that out William. It’s been updated. This is an old post, did you see it posted somewhere recently?

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