About Jon Coursey

Jon Coursey is one of the founders of Jamorama.com. He started the site in 2003 with friends David McKinnon and Mark Ling. When he's not working on the site, he loves spending time with his family, or running on the Port Hills near his home.

How to read tab

We always receive many emails from our JamEdge Newsletter subscribers about reading TAB. We thought this topic was already covered or that most beginner guitarist knew how to read TAB, but I guess that there are hundreds of new beginner guitarists everyday, so I think it’s well worth revisiting TAB and of course how can […]

how to improvise

Improvisation is that magic moment when you can transmit what you feel or think through your musical instrument. Improvisation is a moment of conversation between you and other musicians, it is free style, there aren’t any rules or patterns to follow – it is all about going with the flow of your feelings and expressing […]

David Gilmour

The Bright Side of Guitar History Who doesn’t know David Gilmour? Very well known for being Pink Floyd frontman since 1968 and of course a Rock icon, great guitarist with a very peculiar voice. Gilmour has one of those styles that can be recognized from miles away and of course, has never and will never […]